Laura Jones

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I am Laura, a mum and business owner that is fiercely passionate about freeing women from Mum guilt.

Before motherhood, I was a very free person. Always single, very ambitious, well travelled and was basically living my best life! I had no fear and if anything scared me, that made me want to do it more. I was determined to try everything and let nothing stand in my way. I have always had a mindset that allowed me to achieve anything I set my mind to. Then when I was starting a new life in Australia my mother fell suddenly sick. I travelled to Spain to be by her bedside and when I reluctantly had to leave a return to Australia due to my visa conditions I discovered I was pregnant. Pregnant by a guy I had been dating only 6 weeks. Getting on that plane was a turning point in my life, it was never the same again.

The guy abandoned us, my mother died, I was in a foreign country with no money and living with friends in a party house. My daughter gave me the strength to get through and I entered survival mode. Until this point I had no idea how strong and resourceful I could be. I will forever be so proud of how I navigated that time of my life, but it’s effects will always scar my mental health.

When my daughter was 6 months old, I met my current partner. My life changed and we became a family. However, this happy ending is where my mental health issues really start. Having support allowed me to exit survival mode and PTSD really set in. I eventually seeked out professional help and learned some amazing coping strategies that have helped me regain my life.

Dealing with this trauma made me fascinated with other Mum’s mental health and I was shocked to the core to hear of how many mums are struggling in many different ways. So many different issues yet one theme kept recurring “guilt”. No matter what these Mum’s were going through, they all felt guilty for feeling that way, for even speaking the words out loud. Guilt even seems to plague the minds of Mum’s that aren’t struggling with their mental health.

So, it is time to take a stand. I want to explore this secret world we all share and expose it. I want to show you you are not alone, I was to rip it apart so that we can talk about it and most of all I want to help free you.

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